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after-sale warranty

after-sale warranty

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The company always adheres to the tenet of "quality-based, market-oriented, quality for survival, and reputation for development". It is anxious for users' urgency and thinks what users think. Our company solemnly promises:
1. Our company guarantees that the products or materials provided are the original and brand-new products with advanced technology, reliable quality, mature, unused materials, and the supply channels are normal and legal, and fully comply with the country and the latest ministry-issued products. standard;
2. According to the purchaser's needs, technical training can be provided to the purchaser's daily maintenance personnel;
3. Provide 7*24 hours telephone technical support service or answer questions about product use in written form, and send technical personnel to provide special services when necessary. For quality problems and maintenance services raised by users during the warranty period, we immediately respond to send the company's after-sales technicians (attached) to the site, and properly solve the faults after arriving at the site, until the user is satisfied;
4. Our company’s products strictly comply with the “Three Guarantees” regulations of the country’s relevant products. Under normal use, the service life of wires and cables is 50 years, and the service life of optical cables is 25 years. The warranty period of our products is 12 years. Months (calculated from the date of arrival)
5. After the expiration of the warranty period, during the normal service life of the product, our company will provide 7*24 hours (including national legal holidays) telephone technical support services for problems encountered by users or answer questions about the use of the product in writing ( Including the provision of materials and equipment consultation, technology, receiving feedback information and other services; materials and equipment in the process of installation and use of problems), when necessary, send technical personnel to provide special services, and serve users wholeheartedly for life.
Service telephone: (0731) 22588818, 22588828
Fax: (0731) 22588800, 22588811
Email: stgd@hnstgd.com

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